Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens Set - Moonlight Evening - 6 pens!


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  • Your new Sakura gel pens are absolutely stunning! The original Gel pen! And  6 fantastic colours in each pack!
  • Amazing quality - Made in Japan & Conforms to Astm D4236
  • Moonlight Gelly Rolls - The most popular Gelly Rolls! These sets are super bright, super vibrant and feature neon colours that glow! The brightest and most vivid colours of the entire Gelly Roll range!
  • They produce outstanding effects on black paper and the fluorescents will glow under a black light source. One try and you'll be hooked!
  • The Moonlight sets have the brightest and most vivid colours of the entire Gelly Roll family.
  • These also work like paint pens on coloured papers, art paper and specialty paper
  • Colours in each pack can be seen in the main gallery image
  • Additional images for illustration purposes
  • Acid free ink keeps your memories safe and ensures they will last
  • Write and draw colour like no other!
  • These pens are unique and feature a water based, gelled pigment ink
  • The ink in Sakura Gelly Roll pens is archival, waterproof, fade resistant, and chemical proof, making it ideal for legal documents, scrapbooks, and any written document where permanence is important.
  • The clear barrel indicates how much ink is left and the advanced construction methods and patented ink technology means the ink will never dry out – every drop is used
  • Also available in packs of 12