Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks Bottles Overtones - 9 Colours

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  • Your new Exciter Alcohol Inks set contains 9 bottles in 9 different colours
  • In this set you will receive:
  • All 5 new colours: Golden yellow, Coral, Pink, Teal and Blue Violet!
  • Plus Blanco White AND Metallic Copper, Brass and Pearl!
  • Each bottle is 14ml
  • The inks are highly versatile and transparent
  • These can be used in an airbrush too!
  • Super unique results when used on Yupo Paper!
  • Great for: glass, leather, wood, paper, plastic, metal, metal foil, resin, wax, yupo paper and vinyl + more!
  • Also includes an insert full of tips and hints.