Craft Storage - Using Jars to store pencils ➔

So hey how you guys all doing? Hopefully super super well! :) 

In this installment of craft storage ideas i'm going to show you how i store the rest of my pencil sets and marker sets. There are two reasons why i needed a solution for this part. Number one, i have so so many pencils, pens and markers it's not even funny. And two, I don't want different brands to get mixed up together (hate it). I want the same brands and sets to be together at all times and accessible to me in a practical way.

I also don't want to waste time digging through draws etc trying to find the set i need each time (hate that too). So this is what i did. I used storage jars. They may seem like a way too simple storage item and they are but the thing about jars is they come in nightmarishly huge amounts of styles and sizes. Which means there's going to be a size that suits you. So all i had to do was find the right size and style for me.


The first size i used is a 500ml squat jar:


And this is how it looks in use:

500ml squat jar storage organiser pencils
So in the picture above you can see i have my Faber Castell 120 Polychromos pencils set altogether in several jars in a row according to colour. I want them all out and i want them to be easily accessible. And since there's 120 pencils/colours in this monster set i didn't want all 120 pencils scattered in some tin nor do i want them all in one massive jar. I want them to be accessible in a practical way to me and these jars helped me do just that. You can see that not only will i easily be able to find the colour i want but it looks good too! Like it literally makes me so happy just looking at them everyday and even happier when i am using them. With ease. No more searching. Stress free. aahhh
 Here are some of my other pencils also in jars:
500ml squat jar pencils storage
Another one:
In case you are wondering about the lids.. yeah i tossed em. Probably should've kept them i know but too late now lol
That jar was mostly used for pencils and some pens but for the rest of my pens i used another sized jar. The 230ml tall jar with silver lid worked really well. Here's what it looks like:
This jar is taller than the squat jar so its a more compact fit for pens, however it doesn't fit as much as the 500ml squat jar. I liked it for pens because it keeps them upright and pen sets don't usually contain large amounts like pencils do. This is how it looks in use:
230ml glass jar storage tall jar
I like how it holds the pens more upright than the 500ml squat jar which is why i felt it more suitable for the rest of my pens:
230ml tall round jar storage glass
You can see all my sakura gelly permanent markers neatly in place and NOT scattered all over my desk.. so what do you guys think? :)
Next, we're going to feature the product i know you're all wondering about: the shelf carrying all these fantastic jars can't wait! :)
See you guys next time.. unleash that creativity! <3
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